Become an exceptional professional trainer who will amaze everyone trained by you. This course will give you the secrets and practical keys to ANY stage of training, education, presentations, and speeches in the world. You will be trained by the master of T.O.T Who built the training program for one of the strongest and biggest armies in the world, trained governments and organizations in different countries, trained leaders, and held a position of head of training programs management in one of the most successful governments in the world. 30 hours of training only in two weeks. 10 training days, 4 days off, and 3 hours of training every day. At the end of the training course, you will receive the certificate from a certified training center in your country and another appropriation certificate from Mr. Elbalkiny himself. You will be ready for your next promotion at work, or the career change that you always dreamed of as a trainer and public speaker. You will be on the track for your future income, prestige, and having your skills in your head and heart. This course can transform you from a person who's afraid of public speaking to a master of a stage. This is not marketing content, it's an explanation of what is achieved already and now it's your turn to enjoy it.

Course Content

The Course includes

10 Sections

1 Lessons

6000AED 12000AED(-50%)