We help you to establish your company in Dubai and provide you with integrated services, consultations, and field assistance until the establishment of the company is completed, and we train you on how to deal with government regulations and how the market works.

  • Category: Companies
  • Duration: 10:00 Hours
  • Address: Dubai - United Arab Emirates (Map)
  • More Info: Millennium Place hotel at Barsha Heights, Dubai, UAE. You will receive a call to confirm the appointment, time and location.


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Establishing a company may be the best or worst decision in your life, that depends on the feasibility of the project, then choosing the type of company and then managing it in the best manner and commensurate with the requirements of the market, and the most important thing is to know the advantages, responsibilities behind each type, the legal tricks, the administrative procedures, and the authorities related to the activities of your future project.

One mistake in the procedures of establishing the company may have a great impact on you, and it may even make you lose a lot, but wonderful things start with responsibility and work.

We provide you with experience and knowledge related to establishing companies, which greatly reduce the occurrence of any problems and save you by avoiding mistakes that may cause the need to close the project or start from scratch or implement amendments.

Stay away from legal, financial, and administrative problems, and start on the right way by seeking advice from a professional to get the right start.

We will inform you of all available options, guide you to the best methods, and help you until you finish establishing the company completely, even if you doubt the feasibility of the project, we will study the project for you and provide you with a full report and a feasibility study and the best way to implement it or advise you not to continue with the project.

  1. We provide advice on the best type of license that fits with the idea of the project that you want to establish
  2. Business setup consultation based on your project and UAE market at the time of the consultation.
  3. Providing introductory training on types of commercial and professional licenses in the UAE in general and introduce the requirements and benefits.
  4. General advice based on the UAE DED system.
  5.  The requirements for obtaining a local partner or service agent and how to protect yourself from any future problems.
  6. Providing all necessary services until the establishment of the company is completed.
  7. UAE Marketing strategy for your business.
  8. Tax system information.
  9. Presentation of your business idea in Arabic.
  10. Tips and Tricks on business in Dubai.
  11. Additional needs or requirements

  • Your investment cost for Business Consultation is depending on the organization size and how many working hours are required.
  • We diced the minimum hours required to accomplish the projects to decrease your cost, increase the value of your services and attract more success partners.
  • After submitting your inquiry in a simple message and free booking through this website, you will receive a call from our business expert to ask more about your needs and the quote will be sent as soon as possible because we value your time.