It is a journey, several strategies can be implemented to enhance an organization's success and ability to accomplish its strategic goals. Improving the organization's project scope, concept, and delivery capabilities, with considering your team, they will not be motivated enough to proceed with a transformational path that holds their lives unless the company has a transparent vision and associated benefits are identified clearly.

  • Category: Training
  • Duration: 06:00 Hours
  • Address: Dubai - United Arab Emirates (Map)
  • More Info: • In-house Training at your preferred location. • Training in a 4/5 starts hotel for additional fees includes a coffee break.

Price:11999AED 5999AED

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Course outlines: 

  • How to define the vision and mission of your company
  • Develop the organization strategy and objectives
  • Linkage and oversight of the company portfolio management strategy
  • Planning and management of projects, operation, and programs
  • Management of ongoing operations like Recruiting activities
  • Best practices evolution