Executive incentive programs are an essential part of every company's compensation strategy. Taking care of executives well means that they can be motivated to work on the success of your business. If your strategy doesn't have the opportunity of a bundle that beats the competition, the company could be suffering from a leadership shortage. The El-Balkiny Executive Planning training course will provide you with more choices when it comes to developing benefit compensation strategies that accommodate the company's top executives.

  • Category: Training
  • Duration: 06:00 Hours
  • Address: Dubai - United Arab Emirates (Map)
  • More Info: • In-house Training at your preferred location. • Training in a 4/5 starts hotel for additional fees includes a coffee break.

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Course outlines: 

  • How to execute long-term care
  • How to define your goals and compare them to your actions
  • Creativity
  • How to develop bonus structure
  • KPI’s evaluation
  • Business operations evaluation