We have a variety of 10 education projects targeting governmental education systems on the scale of countries, stats, and cities. Preformed by international experts and former government leaders, implementing the best practices in the world.

  • Category: Governments
  • Duration: 02:00 Hours

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Project 1:  Educational curriculums creation standards project.

Project 2: Training of teachers on the creative modern effective teaching program.

Project 3: Evaluation system of schools' performance.

Project 4: Unique and gifted student’s school, the house of genius.

Project 5: ROI system, return on investments of every sector of the national education budget.

Project 6: Comprehensive education reporting systems.

Project 7: Social communications and self-management classes.

Project 8: Leadership and decisions making training program for education sector leaders.

Project 9: Teachers and education leaders performance evaluation system.

Project 10: National E-Learning database.

These projects will be implemented by our elite education team including, Mr. Ahmed Elbalkiny himself and Mr. Sulejman Rushiti the former Minister of Education, and digital education IT expert who built online platforms for the best performing government in the world. 

Please introduce yourself and the project name in an email to us and include a request to provide you with a complimentary consulting meeting for 2 hours at your location with our experts to hear your questions, concerns, needs, and expectations, answer you and explain the concept of the project and our business plans. 

We both will discuss the ROI of the project and if we both agree that the project is the right thing for your country, we will discuss further details regarding the implementation.