Brief about the course: Your brand is your asset and it holds the value of your business, and marketing is your tool to increase this value and bring more income, take more market share and increase your customers. Effective branding and marketing allow retail prices to rise and build up loyal consumers. During this course, you will explore branding techniques to ensure that customers see your brand the way you want them to, and enhance your brand reputation over the market. In this course, you will know the correct and accurate meaning of Branding and marketing and will give you the modern effective tool to get the maximum out of your business.

  • Category: Training
  • Duration: 12:00 Hours
  • Address: Dubai - United Arab Emirates (Map)

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Course outlines: 

  • What are branding and brand management?
  • How to build a famous trusted brand.
  • How to create a loyal customer.
  • How to increase the brand's financial value.
  • What is marketing and marketing management?
  • When marketing starts and ends?
  • What are the best modern marketing tools?
  • How to decide and target your customers.
  • What is the difference between marketing, sales, advertising?
  • What are the most common mistakes in marketing?